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Wow, this tumblr is still alive?

It was just on an extended vacation. Upvoting all day is hard work, you know.

So smug.

Is This Orschmann?


Is This Orschmann?


Hey look, I did a thing. I’ma post my shitty music here as well from now on because I hate you guys.

Love you too, Orschie.



A brand new Ask Tumblr run by our very own Esuka. Check it out and give him some love!

/r/MLPVids is a new venue created as a place for all the many amazing MLP videos that are often overlooked on /r/mylittlepony. We understand that pictures are easy to quickly look at and upvote, but there are other terrific aspects of the MLP fandom other than pretty pictures. One of these is videos. This new subreddit will serve as a place to showcase these great videos without all the extra posts that come with /r/mylittlepony.

If you plan to submit anything to this new subreddit, please be sure to crosspost to /r/mylittlepony as this is still a brand new subreddit, and if you only submit to it you’ll be missing a huge audience. Just be sure it’s not a repost. And you might want to read this guide about tagging posts.

That’s about it. Thanks for listening guys and gals!

Nom Nom.


It’s official. I am artist-less. BleuLune quit our project for good and I am without an artist to help me finish. To be honest, I am pretty frustrated, but I have no idea what’s going on in his personal life so I can’t let it out on him. Further notice would’ve been nice, but I digress. I was really looking forward to seeing where this comic could go.

Since I have no help left to illustrate my comic, I am going on a search to find a replacement. If you or someone you know is interested in taking this position, please message me on this tumblr or on my reddit account (DJabelincoln)

Thanks for being awesome followers and putting up with all my shit updates. You guys are the reason I want to keep this going and I really don’t want to leave you guys hanging. So again, if you want to help out, message me. Or if you know a friend who is a talented illustrator and might be interested, let them know to message me.

Oh well, I’ll stay hopeful. Love you guys. -DJ

This is a pretty cool blog. Give them a shout if you’re able to help out.

Well this is just cool.